Do you know how much is
Adwords really costing you? ^1500

Does your marketing agency
care about your ROI? ^1500

Some agencies deliver traffic. ^500
We deliver results. ^1500

Welcome ^200to boldpractice
^1000 Stand out from the competition.^1000 Be Bold.

Laser focused on PPC for dentists

We're a boutique digital marketing agency for dental practices.
Pay-per-click Expertise

We specialize in building successful PPC campaigns for dental practices. Our primary goal is to grow your ROI.

Design that Converts

PPC is only 50% of the work. We build custom landing pages that are optimized to convert. We’re constantly testing to find out what works best.

Small agency. Big results.

Being a boutique agency allows us to focus on fewer customers and deliver better results. We live and breathe Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Goal Focused

We’re not in the business just to get you more clicks. We’re in the business to get you more conversions, at a lower cost.

What is PPC and how can I get the most from it?

Adwords for dentists

PPC (pay-per-click) is a form of paid search that can provide your practice with highly targeted traffic. You choose how much to spend and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. At BoldPractice we're experts in managing effective PPC campaigns using Google Adwords.

Paid search is complex. Getting the most from adwords requires a combination of expertise, well-thought-out campaigns AND effective landing pages.

Benefits of using PPC for your dental practice:
  • Relevant - Highly targeted traffic near your office location(s)
  • Effective - dental keywords have a highly commercial intent
  • Fast - Results are visible within days
  • Budget-Friendly - You choose how much to spend per month
  • Great ROI - One of the best ways to grow a dental practice

Why Choose Us?

We help dental practices make more money. Unlike most agencies, we focus on delivering the best ROI possible on your Adwords campaigns.

At BoldPractice we're PPC and web technology experts. We’ve extensive PPC knowledge and are passionate about CRO (conversion rate optimization).

Things that will make you want to change agencies:
  • Your agency tries doing too many things but delivers poor results
  • Paid traffic is sent to your existing website
  • You're getting leads and phone calls that are irrelevant or out of area
  • Your website/landing page isn’t mobile optimized or loads slowly
  • Your account manager talks about clicks and impressions instead of conversions and CPAs
David Castro CEO David Castro - Founder/CEO

Are we the right company for you?

We're picky, we hope you are too.
Are we a good fit?

In order to deliver high quality results, we limit the number of clients we work with at a given time.

These are some of our requirements:
  • You know what AdWords is, and preferably you’re already using it.
  • You want experts to help you grow your practice.
  • You want a “hands-off” approach to PPC advertising.
  • Your budget is at least $2,000 / month in ad spend.
  • You're comfortable with changes and testing new strategies.
  • You're comfortable with email communication - we like to spend time working, not talking.

Pricing & Contract

Our pricing structure is simple; we charge a flat-fee that is based on factors like ad spend, goals, number of locations, etc. Our pricing is very competitive and the quality of our work is second to none.

No long-term contracts:

We only ask you to sign-up for 3 months, after that it's month-to-month.

Dental PPC Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to replace my existing website?

No, you keep your existing website for SEO and organic traffic, but while you work with us, we provide you with a customize landing page that is optimized to convert more PPC traffic into patients.

Will I lose my existing AdWords campaigns?

No, we will pause your existing campaigns and create better ones.

Does it matter how often my AdWords campaign is worked on?

Yes, AdWords is not meant to be “set-and-forget”. Keeping an AdWords account managed frequently is the best way to grow it and prevent wasting money.

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